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The Design Deck: What’s in a Name?

After I came up with the idea to design a deck of graphic design playing cards, I needed to come up with a name.
I think that the name needs to be:

  • Short and memorable
  • Indicative of what the product is
  • Unique: it needs to be easily google-able and different from any other product
  • Fun: a little bit of pizazz or alliteration never hurts

Here is a few of the names that I was playing around with. I found most of them to be just a bit boring.

  • Graphic Design Cards
  • The Graphic Design Teaching Deck
  • Designer’s Deck
  • Graphic Design Education Cards

What I eventually settled on is The Design Deck. I think it short and catchy, and expresses what the product is. The alliteration makes it a bit more fun and memorable, and there is nothing else by that name that exists. What do you think, is it a decent name for a deck of graphic design playing cards?

One issue I’m still wrestling with is a subtitle. It would be good to be able to write “The Design Deck: Something something something”. I’ve been thinking about “Graphic design teaching playing cards”, but that is just darn wordy. Maybe “Design education playing cards?”. But that’s not very fun either. I’ll keep thinking on it.




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