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Choosing a Typeface Flowchart: Refining my Design

In the couple weeks that I’ve been working on my flowchart to help people choose a typeface, my design ideas have evolved significantly.

I found it very useful to examine many flowcharts online to help choose which style would best suit my project. And then, with a general knowledge of how many elements would need to go into my chart, I hand sketched some different layouts, as seen below. I chose a layout with a strict grid system, as I thought it would better reflect the organization of typographical systems, and most of the other options looked a bit messy.


I also considered a number of font options before I settled on my final choice. The main options I considered were:

  • Frutiger
  • DIN
  • Whitney
  • Gibson
  • Ideal Sans

Any of these would have been good options, but Ideas Sans won out. It is very legible, but has a lot of funky personality too. It has tons of weights, and just fit a little bit better than the other 4.

Here are a couple links to other flowcharts that inspired my design of this one:

The image below is an early draft of what the flowchart would look like, where I had established the general grid format and shapes of elements I would use in the final product. It changed substantially since then, but it was a good experience to see what it looked like transferred from paper to computer.





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