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35 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tom Bunnell says:

    Hello – I am very impressed with your talent. I have written and produced a lot of print advertising in my career and have always had awesome respect for the designers and an interest in typography. It was your “History of Typography” video that drew me to your website and I want to applaud you for your work. I really enjoyed all three videos and was blown away by your editing on the music piece. I can’t imagine how hard that was to produce. Anyway, I am not looking for anything, just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for sharing your tremendous talent.

  2. Daniel Outeiro says:

    Wonderful, wonderful job with the video History of Typography.

    The complex magical beauty of simplicity!

    Congratulations and strive on, you’ll make it!

  3. patrice says:

    Nice job with the video about the history of typography ! Pity about the swiss flag though : your’s is that of the red cross…

  4. Farhood says:

    Great job with the video The History Of Typography. It’s simple, nice and clear. Thanks for making and sharing it 🙂

  5. Your History of Typography is spectacular. I particularly applaud the choice to hand-cut your letters. Back when I was in school, long before computers, that is how we would make type for our projects… we’d cut letters from colored Canson paper that we would enlarge from type specimen books. And like your video, it was a fantastic lesson in both patience and appreciating the unique qualities of each typeface. Well done!

  6. It was nice meeting you and your parents today in my store. My wife and I really enjoyed the video on typography. Well done and quite interesting. We plan to share it with several other people. Also, the eagle cam is super!! We had one or two local eagle cams here through the American Bald Eagle Foundation at one time. They don’t seem to be up any longer for some reason..
    Please come see us again. Hope your camping was lots of fun…
    Mark Cozzi, the Fun Guy

  7. Thanks so much for your video The History of Typography – what a huge effort and put together so creatively. I love how you told the story and the transitions you used. Keep up the great work!!

  8. Hi Ben, I saw your terrific animation and interview on The Atlantic site – beautifully done and a nice introduction to those not yet obsessed with type and layout. I am an Australian (writer, journalist) and sent your piece to my Russian partner in Moscow – which begs the question, do different nationalities and cultures lean towards different typefaces, and, if so, why? Putting aside Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and others (do they have the same obsession with fonts?) those who use Roman text – do they use the same fonts we English-language writers do, or have typographical preferences and histories of their own? Fascinating topic, when you think about the nature of reading, text and meaning… Anyway, a pleasure to watch your efforts. Tony.

  9. Amazing video. There is so much to Typography. The world just needs to learn to see the serifs from the glyphs! Wonderfully told story and will definitely share. Thank you.

  10. mbeckwith2013 says:

    Great Presentation on the History of Typography. My dad was a sign painter and printer back in the 50’s and 60’s so I was educated on type at a young age. I think this is a very fun and informative way to teach others. Thank You.

  11. Dwight Davis says:

    I’m a retired typographer. Through the years, my friends never could understand what I did. After seeing your excellent video, I sent emails to all my relatives and friends to explain my love of typography. Thanks for a quick, entertaining lesson n the history of typography.

  12. Just found your video about Typography on OpenCulture. I’m sharing it with my History of the Book students. Thanks for a great review of the development of different fonts.

  13. Ivy Rudell says:

    Hello Ben,
    Heard you on A New Day this morning with Sandi Coleman.
    Such an inspiring interview and what a forward thinking young man you are!
    I watched the videos on typography & graphic design and its history.
    Loved the info on the development of the different fonts we use daily on our computers.
    As you are a young man from Whitehorse who just graduated from McMaster University, I certainly am in favour of Supporting LOCAL talent.
    I will be getting a deck of cards for my grandsons!!
    Would love to help out!
    Excellent!! A+ from a retired teacher!!

    • Hi Ivy,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate them.
      I think I’m just lucky be in a field that I really love at a time when things are evolving in such a positive direction.

      Thanks for the support!



  14. Dear Ben – Barrett Forrest, i saw the “History of typography”, i’d really like to congratulate you, maybe my english is a little bit bad, i’m from Colombia, but the idea is to share that i’m a type lover, and when i saw that video, i feel identificated with your work, the great beauty of a simple and clean Job is awesome, and the way that i understood the video, those five minutes were really the greatest minutes since i know the meaning of the word “Typography” it was a very, very good job, Congratulations from Colombia!

    Awesome Job!

    • Hi Alejandro,

      Thanks very much for your kind comment! I’m very glad that you identified with The History of Typography, and that it increased your understanding of the subject. That’s so great to hear!



  15. Willem Hart says:

    This is perfect! Well, not quite. But definitely awesome. I taught History and Development of Typography for 18 years at Sheridan, OACADU and York. This would have been a fabulous introduction. Type has always been fun for me but never more than in your animation. Lots of holes, etc., but totally effective at infecting others with the type bug. Thanks.

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