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The Design Deck: Getting it Printed

Having designed a portion of the cards, the next step is deciding on the best way to get them printed.

After some research, I found a few options. One of them is going through the grand-daddy of playing card manufacturing: Bicycle. They make a very high-quality card, and offer total customizability. The issue with Bicycle is that they require a large volume of decks to be made, or else they won’t do it at all. Since I am going to start out producing The Design Deck on a relatively small scale, I had to cross Bicycle off the list.

There are a few other options that I also decided against, due to inferior quality, or quantity required, including Printer Studio, Card Press, and

Once company was a clear winner in my selection process: They deliver a very high-quality product (according to various reviews), are reasonably priced, have options for different card thickness/quality, and allow me to make a limited run of as few decks as I want. I’m looking forward to seeing what the can produce!